Wet - "Must Haves" Lubricant Countertop Display Set 16pcs with 1 Tester Set (Multi Colour)


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having hot, passionate, and even rough sex should be a pleasurable experience for you and your partner. With this Lubricant Countertop Display, not only will you have a sexy ornament on your countertop, but an array of options. With so many lubricants you can use, you will have a ton of sex and fun.

The "Must Haves" Display Set includes:
- 4 Original Water-based Lubricant (3.6oz)
- 4 Platinum Silicone Lubricant (3.1oz)
- 4 Elite Hybrid Lubricant (3.1oz)
- 4 Organics Lubricant (3.0oz)

Total: 16 bottles plus 1 Tester Set.