Unicharm - Lifree Rehabilitation Zero Leaks Thin Light Pants Adult Diapers (30 Pieces)


Experience ultimate comfort and worry-free protection with Unicharm's Lifree Rehabilitation Zero Leaks Thin Light Pants Adult Diapers. Designed with patented technology and meticulous attention to detail, these pants-type disposable diapers provide a perfect fit, preventing leaks and giving you the freedom to move with confidence. Designed for individuals who can walk alone, these thin and light pants provide discreet protection without hindering mobility.

Our revolutionary "gather and gather" design ensures a snug and secure fit without creating any gaps around the legs. The side-seal structure with easy stitching technology reduces the chances of leaks and provides a comfortable experience, just like wearing underwear. The inner leg gathers feature patented technology with a height-restricting tab on the crotch, making it incredibly easy to change pads. This thoughtful design keeps you feeling fresh and clean throughout the day.

The pants-type diaper comes with a tuck part in the inseam of the inner leg gathers, preventing the pad from slipping. This innovative feature ensures that the diaper stays in place, giving you maximum comfort and protection. The "Sleek zone" around the waist prevents the waist rubber from getting caught, ensuring a smooth and comfortable fit.

Crafted with a soft and sleek thin shape, these diapers feel like real underwear against your skin, offering an exceptional level of comfort throughout the day. The fully ventilated sheet ensures breathability, preventing stuffiness and irritation. The diapers feature a triple-effect Ag+ power deodorant that effectively neutralizes odors caused by ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and dimethylamine, keeping you feeling fresh and confident.

With an intelligent design that traps urine and loose stool, the back leakage block structure provides extra security and peace of mind. Each diaper is capable of handling up to 2 times of urination, assuming 1-time urination of 150mL (according to our measurement method).