Unicharm - Lifree Rehabilitation Thin Light Pants Adult Diapers


Experience the ultimate comfort and protection with Unicharm - Lifree Rehabilitation Thin Light Pants Adult Diapers. These thin and light underwear-like paper pants are designed for those who can walk, providing a comfortable and secure fit throughout the day. Crafted with soft and gentle material, these pants ensure a comfortable wearing experience. Walk confidently with the assurance of Lifree's advanced technology and quality design.

With patented technology "Easy stitching," these pants offer a perfect fit and reduce leaks in the gap. The "Pad fully gathered" technology widens the space between gathers, making pad replacement effortless. The tuck part in the inseam of the inner leg gathers prevents the pad from slipping, ensuring a secure fit.

Featuring the "Sleek zone," these pants prevent the waist rubber from getting caught, while the "Soft stretch zone" expands with light force for a comfortable fit. The "Firm fit zone" prevents slippage, providing extra security. A neat shape ensures smooth foot insertion without catching your toes. The "sleek thin shape" design provides a soft and comfortable feel against the skin, offering an underwear-like experience. The fully ventilated sheet keeps you dry and comfortable without feeling stuffy.

Enjoy the triple effect of the Ag+ power deodorant, which neutralizes ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and dimethylamine odors. The back leakage block structure traps urine and loose stool, preventing back leakage for added confidence.

- Surface material: Polyolefin non-woven fabric
- Water absorbing material: Cotton-like pulp, water absorbing paper, Polymeric water absorbing material
- Waterproof material: Polyolefin film
- Fastening material: Polyolefin
- Elastic material: Polyurethane
- Binding material: Styrene-based elastomer synthetic Resin br exterior material: Polyethylene


Choose from three sizes for a perfect fit:
- S: Waist size 50-70 (cm), 24 Pieces
- M: Waist size 60-85 (cm), 22 Pieces
- L: Waist size 75-100 (cm), 20 Pieces