ToysHeart - Premium Vanessa & Co Gel 165ml (Lube)


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Vanessa & Ko's new moist debut debut, Premium Vanessa & Co Gel is a must-have for those looking to spice up their love lives in the bedroom! The Vanessa & Co Gel comes in a white 165ml and is white in color. We pride ourselves on avoiding stickiness, making it easier than ever to use and clean up without it becoming dried out or much of a hassle.

Wipe the gel clean by utilizing an easy-to-use premium lotion available from Vanessa & Ko.

Specs: Internal Capacity: 165ml / 5.5 fl oz.

Tubesize: 40 φ × H 150 × W 70 (mm)

Type: Dense Gel (Heavier gel format) That is Easily Applicable and Easy to Clean With No Leftover Mess