Tomax - Silky Water Based Lubricant 360 ml


Enhance your onahole fun with the Tomax Silky Water Based Lubricant. With its low viscosity, it goes on quickly and smoothly, providing a gliding sensation that will set your body on fire. Use it with your favorite toy to make tight entrances even sleeker and more delicious, reducing friction and increasing pleasure.

Our original lotion "SILKY LUBE".
This lotion has a very low viscosity and is almost liquid. Therefore, you have to be careful about handling such as dripping, but this low viscosity leads to a feeling of use.

If you want a lotion with a low viscosity, you can dilute the lotion with hot water, but in that case, the slippery feeling that is important for lotions will be diluted. In the case of silky lube, there is no need to dilute it, and it is in a crunchy state that is close to water from the beginning. Despite being a low-viscosity lotion close to water, it also has a slimy feel.

The thickness of the lotion film is thinner than "INSOMNIA" and "Aqua Lotion" .
If you rub the lotion with your fingers, it will remain slimy like a thin film and will change to a silky touch. The lubrication lasting power is slightly inferior to these two, but the thin film allows you to feel the stimulation more directly.

It is a lotion suitable for enjoying the structure of masturbators, vibrators, dildos, and anal toys clearly and stimulatingly.