Tomax - Insomnia Water Based Lubricant 360 ml


Not only is the bottle attractive, it’s a good looking option that offers high lubricity and a silky feel. This Insomnia formula was created to emphasize the possibilities for long-time masturbator play for men and women. Many water-based lubricants tend to lose their gliding feel during use, but Insomnia’s slimy feel can help users play all night or all day. This lube comes with a one-touch cap that can be opened with one hand, and comes with a discreet carry bag.

Lotion ÒINSOMNIAÓ is attractive for its high lubricity and longevity.

The low viscosity and thin lotion film make it easy to understand the internal structure of the masturbator and the surface shape of the dildo.

A lotion that emphasizes the durability of a slimy feeling
This INSOMNIA was developed with an emphasis on adaptability to long play in the masturbator.
While many lotions gradually lose their slimy feeling during use, Insomnia maintains a slimy feeling for a long time.
This is a lotion for long play, as it greatly reduces the number of times you need to stop playing because the lotion has dried, then replenish and restart.
Also, since the film is thin, it is useful when you want to feel the unevenness of the masturbator more or when you want to increase the stimulation.
This product is a must-have for those who want to thoroughly enjoy their favorite masturbator.

Similarly, dildos, vibrators, and anal toys will be easier to feel the structure of the surface, so please use them together when using complex shaped items.

Product features
Since it is used frequently, it contains hyaluronic acid to add gentleness to the skin. It also contains arginine to promote male strength. The cap is a one-touch cap that can be opened and closed with one hand. You can easily close the cap with one hand even after injecting lotion into the masturbator.

The tip of the nozzle has been renewed with a single hole, but it can be produced in small amounts by special processing.

"SILKY LUBE" has a thinner lotion film, making it easier to feel the internal structure and shape of adult goods. The best thing about "INSOMNIA" is the lasting lubricity. It is recommended for those who want to reach it over a long period of time.


[Regarding the specifications of the cap]
We have renewed from the conventional 3 holes to 1 hole. Although it has one hole, it is a nozzle that is easy to eject even in small amounts due to special processing.