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System Jo - 2 to Tango Couples Pleasure Personal Lubricant Kit


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This is the ultimate in sensual gifts. This ultra-sexy gift set is meant for men and women. It is a set of two personal lubricants, each designed to help make romantic encounters perfect. For ladies, your lubricant boasts a cooling sensation created to increase snatch sensitivity and sexual arousal. For the guys, your sensation is one of warmth that prolongs the experience. With this, you can control when you ejaculate and give your mate a lasting sexual session. Buy this gift for yourself and your partner today and immerse yourselves in pleasure.

Personal Lubricant for Her:
- Enhance and Stimulate
- Cooling Sensation increases arousal and sensitivity
- Paraben Free, Glycerin Free
- Long lasting
- Silicone-based
- 100% Latex Safe

Personal Lubricant for Him:
- Prolong and Excite
- Warming Sensation increases longevity and control
- Oil-Free
- Long lasting
- Water-based
- 100% Latex Safe

Ignite your passion with System JO’s 2ToTango Couples Kit.

Each kit includes 2 separate personal lubricants for men and women. Hers provides a cooling tingle to heighten and arouse. His offers a warming spark to prolong and excite. Together, both products stimulate each partner’s innermost desires and intensify intimacy.

Our 2ToTango Men is water-based while 2ToTango Women is made from silicone, so both lubricants enhance the overall sensual experience without mixing together. This means each partner enjoys a unique pleasurable sensation.

Every 2ToTango Couples Kit is made from high quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients and manufactured in the US under FDA guidelines.

100% latex compatible and safe for use with non-silicone toys.