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Swiss Navy - Viva Cream Stimulating Gel 10ml


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Women from 18 to 80 can enrich their sex lives life and bring more passion into their play with Swiss Navy's Viva Cream Stimulating Gel 10ml. The majority of women achieve their greatest orgasms via clitoral stimulation. With Viva Cream, sensitivity and intimacy may be heightened to the pleasure that you deserve! Viva Cream's unique blend of herbal extracts, vitamins, and amino acids is selected for its proven effects in aiding and intensifying arousal. Using Viva Cream® may stimulate and potentiate a woman's desire, aiding in intensifying arousal. Viva Cream® is made for the demands of every woman who wants more. Get wet now!

Directions: Apply a pearl-size amount directly to the clitoris, gently rubbing the cream into the clitoris and the area directly on the underside. A warm, tingling sensation indicates effect. Additional applications may be necessary.