Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy - Toy & Body Cleaner 180 ml

$20.74 $21.87

The best way to prevent genital infections is to clean your toys after you use them. Bleach or soap and water can only do so much to remove bacteria and other things that can cause an infection or irritation. Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner excels at removing silicone lubricants from your toys. It comes in a 180 ml spray bottle. Cleaning your toys with this solution is easy. Simply spray the toy with a complete coating of the cleaner. Then use a clean cloth, followed by a warm water rinse. Air dry the toy before returning it to its storage container.

- Ultimate cleansing
- Easy to use. Excellent at cleaning toys after silicone lubricant use
- Up to 50% more product at the same price as competitors

180 ml