Soft99 - Raku Raku Induction Glass Top Stove Cleaner


Experience effortless and quick cleaning with Soft99 - Raku Raku Induction Glass Top Stove Cleaner. This innovative product is designed to make cleaning a breeze without getting your hands dirty. The bottle and the surface to be coated are integrated, allowing you to clean swiftly and effectively.

  • User-Friendly Design: The bottle is ergonomically shaped like a computer mouse, providing an easy-to-grip handle. This design allows you to apply the perfect amount of force and ensures even coverage on a wide surface area.
  • Powerful Formula: The cleaner contains orange oil and a specially formulated abrasive that is gentle on the glass top stove while effectively removing stubborn oil stains and burns.

The cleaner is made from high-quality materials, including abrasives, surfactants, and organic solvents, to ensure efficient and safe cleaning. Make cleaning your glass top stove a hassle-free task with Soft99 - Raku Raku Induction Glass Top Stove Cleaner. Enjoy the convenience of an integrated bottle and a powerful formula that leaves your stove sparkling clean without any mess or fuss. Embrace the ease and efficiency of this product to keep your kitchen looking pristine and welcoming.