Soft99 - Magical Dual Eraser for Stubborn Scorched Residue, Darkening and Rust Surface Cleaner


Discover the magic of Soft99 - Magical Dual Eraser, your ultimate solution for stubborn scorched residue, darkening, and rust! This powerful cleaner works just like an eraser, effortlessly removing those tough stains and marks around your kitchen that seemed impossible to get rid of.

  • Dual-Layer Design: The eraser features a two-layer structure with a hard layer and a soft layer, providing versatility for various applications. From stubborn stains to light marks, it tackles them all with ease.
  • Multi-Purpose Wonder: Not limited to the kitchen, this eraser is suitable for a wide range of purposes. Use it to clean bathroom and toilet joints, plumbing, gardening tools, tools, and even the metal surfaces of bicycles.

The eraser is made from a combination of synthetic rubber, natural rubber, and abrasive materials, ensuring effective and efficient cleaning. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to a spotless and gleaming environment with Soft99 - Magical Dual Eraser. Take the hassle out of cleaning and embrace the magic of a sparkling space with this versatile and powerful cleaner.