Soft99 - Glaco Car Water Repellent Mist Type Spray Bottle


Experience the all-new Soft99 - Glaco Car Water Repellent Mist Type Spray Bottle, a powerful rain repellent with a revolutionary ease of use. Say goodbye to the hassle of applying and waiting for drying – just spray, wipe, and witness the rain-repelling magic unfold!

  • Advanced Rain Repellent: Enjoy superior rain repellency like never before. The Glaco Mist Type Spray Bottle offers remarkable water-repelling capabilities, keeping your windshield clear and ensuring optimal visibility during wet weather.
  • Effortless Application: No more tedious processes! With this new Glaco formula, application becomes a breeze. Simply spray the solution on your windshield and wipe it off – that's it! Experience the convenience of a paint-type performance with the ease of a spray-on product.
  • Enhanced Formula: The W New Style Glaco is specially designed to provide stronger rain resistance, outperforming previous versions and making it your go-to solution for rain protection.
  • Premium Materials: Made with top-quality silicone and alcohol, this water repellent ensures long-lasting effectiveness, making it a reliable choice for all your rainy-day drives.

Make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable with Soft99 - Glaco Car Water Repellent Mist Type Spray Bottle. Don't let rain hinder your journey – equip your car with the ultimate rain repellent today!