Richell - Vintage Snoopy Peanut Collection Scissors for Baby Food


Make mealtime a breeze with these baby food scissors, designed to easily cut noodles, cooked meat, vegetables, and more into safe and manageable portions for your baby. The scissors feature a plastic cutting edge, ensuring they won't damage your tableware while making meal preparation a joy. Add this essential baby food utensil to your kitchen and experience the convenience of preparing your little one's meals with ease and style. Richell Vintage Snoopy Peanut Collection Scissors for Baby Food is the perfect cooking utensil to quickly and conveniently cut adult meals into bite-sized pieces for your little one!

  • Versatile Cutting: These scissors are perfect for cutting a variety of foods into bite-sized pieces, making it easier for your baby to enjoy a wide range of dishes.
  • Convenient On-the-Go Case: The set comes with a handy case, allowing you to carry the scissors with you while traveling or dining out with your little one.
  • Hygienic and Safe: The baby food scissors are easy to clean, and the plastic material is designed for hygiene, so you can be confident that your baby's food is safe and healthy.

- Material/Heat Resistant Temperature/Disinfection Method/Dishwasher-Dryer:
- Body/Blade: ABS resin, Heat Resistant Temperature: 80 degrees, Disinfection Method: Cleanser
- Case: Polypropylene, Heat Resistant Temperature: 120 degrees, Disinfection Method: Cleanser, Dishwasher/Dryer