Richell - Toddler Potty Training Soft Toilet Seat


Introducing the Richell Toddler Potty Training Soft Toilet Seat, a comfortable and safe solution to make potty training a breeze!

  • Soft and Comfortable: The soft material provides a comfortable sitting experience without hurting your child's buttocks during potty time.
  • Easy to Clean: With an integrally molded design, there are no gaps or uneven surfaces where dirt can accumulate, making it easy to wash the seat as a whole.
  • Convenient Design: The back of the toilet seat is far away, allowing easy wiping while sitting, and the non-straddle type means no need to take off all clothes.
  • Neat Storage: When not in use, the auxiliary toilet seat stand (sold separately) can be used for organized storage.
  • Steady Support: When using the toilet support step (sold separately), your child's feet will remain stable, ensuring calm and confident potty training.
  • Natural Color: The seat's natural color blends in perfectly with any toilet.
  • Antibacterial: The seat contains antibacterial agents for added hygiene.

- Body Size: 33.5 x 31.5 x 7.6H (cm)
- Target Age: Around 1 year and 6 months
- Estimated Weight Limit: Up to 20 kg
- Material: EVA resin
- Heat Resistant Temperature: 60 degrees Celsius
- Compatible Toilet Seat Size: Depth: 26cm or more, Width: 19-22cm