Richell - Toddler Potty Training Foam Toilet Seat


Make potty training a breeze and provide your little one with a cozy and secure experience with the Richell Toddler Potty Training Foam Toilet Seat! 

  • Warm and Soft: Crafted from a foam material with excellent heat retention, it remains soft and gentle on your child's buttocks without causing discomfort.
  • Easy to Clean: Fully washable design ensures effortless cleaning and excellent durability.
  • Simple Installation: The lightweight material allows for easy placement and installation on the adult toilet seat.
  • U-Shape Design: The U-shaped design enables easy access for wiping the buttocks, promoting independence in toilet training.
  • Fits most adult toilet seats with a depth of 26 cm or more and a width of 19 to 22 cm. (Note: Some special-shaped adult toilet seats may not be compatible.)

- Target Age: Approximately 1 year 6 months to 4 years old
- Estimated Weight Limit: Up to 20kg
- Size: 35 x 33 x 9.1H (cm)
- Material: Polyethylene
- Heat Resistant Temperature: 60 degrees Celsius