Richell - Time Saver Easy Weaning Baby Food Maker Processor Cooking Set


Invest in the Richell Time Saver Easy Weaning Baby Food Maker Processor Cooking Set to simplify your baby food preparation journey. From cutting and blending to straining and mashing, this comprehensive set covers all your baby food needs, allowing you to cook with confidence and convenience. Make mealtime enjoyable for your little one and yourself with this innovative and practical baby food cooking set. Richell Time Saver Easy Weaning Baby Food Maker Processor Cooking Set is your ultimate kitchen companion for smart and efficient baby food preparation!

This versatile baby food cooking set is designed to support your little one's development from the cum-swallowing period to the paku-paku period. With just this one unit, you can enjoy easy and time-saving cooking, making mealtime a breeze for you and your baby!

  • Multi-Function Baby Food Cooker: This set includes various parts that allow you to cook ingredients according to your child's development, from sitting to stirring, dicing, and mashing.
  • Convenient Dice Plate: The dice plate (5mm/10mm) lets you cut boiled vegetables into two different sizes, offering versatility in food preparation.
  • Strainer Function: The set includes a strainer that can be used as a small colander for straining and draining water from ingredients.
  • Quick Blender: With the blender, you can quickly stir and blend ingredients to create smooth and delicious baby food.
  • Non-Slip and Microwave-Safe: The set is designed with non-slip features for safe and hassle-free cooking. It also includes a cover for microwave oven heating, ensuring convenience and safety.
  • Handy Scale: The built-in scale is convenient for measuring main ingredients or heating food in a microwave oven.
  • Easy to Clean: The set is easy to disassemble and clean, making it a hygienic choice for baby food preparation.

- Size: 8.6 x 11.3 x 20.3H(cm)
- Childcare Spoon: 16.2 x 2.1 x 1(cm)
- Grinder: 14 x 2 x 1(cm)
- Capacity: 470mL
- Maximum Scale Capacity: 300mL
- Materials: The set is made from high-quality materials, including polypropylene, ABS resin, silicone rubber, stainless steel, and natural wood.
- Microwave-Safe: The set is microwave-safe, with a recommended microwave oven power of 600W or less.