Richell - T.L.I Try Hello Baby Toothbrush


Make brushing an enjoyable and safe experience for your child with Richell - T.L.I Try Hello Baby Toothbrush. Start building a healthy toothbrushing habit early for a bright and beautiful smile! Richell - T.L.I Try Hello Baby Toothbrush is the perfect toothbrush for your little one's soft bite and gentle oral care!

  • The toothbrush is designed with a 360-degree soft bite, ensuring a gentle brushing experience for your child's delicate mouth.
  • Its non-slip and easy-to-grip shape allows for a comfortable hold, making toothbrushing a delightful task.
  • The throat prevention plate provides added safety by preventing throat pokes, and ensuring worry-free brushing.

- Main body pattern: Polypropylene
- Main body pattern rubber part Hair: Thermoplastic elastomer
- Prevention plate: Polypropylene

- Heat resistant temperature: 120 degrees
- Disinfection method: Boiling, Cleansing solution, Microwave oven
- Dishwasher dryer: Compatible for easy cleaning and disinfection.