Richell - Pottis Step and Potty Chair Toddler Potty Training


Give your child the confidence they need during potty training with the Richell Pottis Step and Potty Chair – a practical and supportive tool to make the transition a success! The Richell Pottis Step and Potty Chair for Toddler Potty Training is a versatile and comfortable solution for your child's toilet training needs! With its unique design and multiple configurations, this product makes potty training a breeze.

The Pottis Step and Potty Chair is thoughtfully crafted to provide an easy-to-sit-on experience for your little one. Its sitting-style design ensures a smooth transition to using a Western-style toilet, promoting independence as your child grows. Depending on your child's progress, you can choose between three configurations:

1. Potty: Ideal for a relaxed potty experience in their usual room. (Around 1 year old)
2. Auxiliary toilet seat + step: A great way to introduce your child to the adult toilet with added support. (Around 1 year and 6 months to 4 years old)
3. Auxiliary toilet seat (no grip) + step: Perfect for encouraging independence as your child gains confidence. (Approximately 2 to 4 years old)

The chair-shaped design helps your child quickly adjust to using the adult toilet, allowing them to sit comfortably with their legs closed. Additionally, the pee guard feature prevents splashing for a mess-free experience. The Pottis Step and Potty Chair comes with an easy-to-read grip that can be adjusted according to your child's growth, and a cap is provided for secure attachment. The soft toilet seat guard prevents skidding and protects the adult toilet seat from scratches. For added safety, the product is equipped with fixtures to prevent tipping and wobbling. Hygiene is a top priority, and this product is treated with antibacterial agents, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your child's toilet training journey.

The product is designed to support different weight limits for each configuration:
- Potty and auxiliary toilet seat: Up to 20 kg
- Steps: Up to 30 kg

With dimensions of Width 33 x Depth 34 x Height 24.5 cm, this versatile product fits well in any bathroom space. To ensure compatibility, the auxiliary toilet seat can be attached to most adult toilet seats with a depth of 26 cm or more and a width of 19-22 cm. Some special types may not be compatible with this product.