Richell - Outing Clear Baby Milk Bottle


Experience convenience and comfort on the go with the Richell Outing Clear Baby Milk Bottle. Designed to simplify your baby's feeding routine, this clear bottle offers an integrated nipple design that eliminates the need to touch a sterilized nipple. Discover a new level of ease and hygiene while providing your little one with the nourishment they need, whether at home or outside.

  • Integrated nipple design: Nipple and plastic parts seamlessly combine, making setup and cleaning a breeze.
  • Long papilla area: Facilitates correct tongue positioning, ensuring comfortable drinking with a gentle curve.
  • Easy-to-swallow shape: Mimics the breast's natural expansion and contraction, preventing nipple sticking and offering a comfortable feeding experience.
  • Crystal-clear transparency: Crafted from durable and transparent "Tritan" material, allowing you to easily monitor contents.
  • Choice of nipple hole sizes: Available in 0-3 months, 3-18 months option with 6 round holes.
  • Transition to a straw: Replace the nipple with a step-up part to convert it into a convenient straw mug.

[Material and Specifications]
- Bottle: Made of saturated polyester resin.
- Nipple: Composed of synthetic rubber (silicone rubber) and polyphenylsulfone.
- Hood: Constructed from polypropylene.

Available Designs:
Choose from an array of adorable designs featuring beloved characters:
- SNOOPY: A clear bottle with a cute Snoopy illustration.
- MIFFY: A charming Miffy clear bottle design.

[Size and Target Age]
- Diameter: 6 x 14H (cm) / 6 x 17(H) (cm)
- Maximum scale capacity: 160mL / 240ml
- Nipple suction hole shape and number of holes: Round Hole/3-hole/6-Hole
- Suitable for babies aged 0 to 3 months & 3 to 18 months