Richell - Baby Teether with Rattle


Elevate your baby's playtime with the Richell Baby Teether with Rattle. Designed to engage, entertain, and support sensory development, this teether is a must-have for babies around 5 months old. With its soft handle, colorful balls, and rotating rattle head, it's a delightful companion that aids in both entertainment and growth. Richell Baby Teether with Rattle is a delightful playtime companion designed to bring joy and aid in sensory development for your little one. This teether provides both entertainment and comfort during their developmental journey.

  • Playful Development: Perfect for babies around 5 months, this teether encourages play and sensory development as they explore and interact with the rattle.
  • Soft Handle for Secure Grip: The teether features a soft handle that offers a firm grip for your baby's small hands.
  • Crispy and Jingling Balls: The colorful balls provide a satisfying jingling sound and a crispy texture that engages and entertains your baby.
  • Soft and Gentle Material: Crafted from soft materials that are gentle on your baby's gums and skin, making it easy to hold and scratch.
  • Easy to Clean: The teether can be easily cleaned with water, ensuring hygiene and convenience.

- Body: ABS resin
- Teeth: Elastomer
- Heat-resistant temperature: 70 degrees