Pjur - Aqua Panthenol Water Based Personal Lubricant 30ml


Aqua Panthenol Water-Based Personal Lubricant from pjur is an eco-friendly, water-based lubricant that leaves your skin soft and luxurious. This long-lasting lubricant is formulated with panthenol, which provides moisture and rejuvenation, but doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky. Water-based personal lubricants like Aqua Panthenol are safe to use with silicone toys and real human body parts.

Pjur AQUA Panthenol features a long-lasting lubricating effect and leaves the skin feeling great. Panthenol nurtures and regenerates the skin. It moisturises stressed skin and provides long-lasting care. Premium, water-based personal lubricant. Long-lasting personal lubricant with nurturing, regenerative panthenol. * Water-based personal lubricant with moisturising panthenol. * Nurtures and regenerates. * Leaves the skin feeling silky smooth, not sticky.