Pigeon - Baby Bottle & Vegetable Fruit Wash Foaming Cleanser

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Unleash the power of Pigeon Baby Bottle & Vegetable Fruit Wash Foaming Cleanser to effortlessly cleanse your baby's items, from bottles to nipples, and even your kitchen essentials. This convenient and versatile foaming cleanser ensures cleanliness and safety for your little one. Discover the Pigeon Baby Bottle & Vegetable Fruit Wash Foaming Cleanser – your partner in efficient and safe cleaning for your baby's essentials and more. This plant-derived foaming cleanser offers versatile cleaning solutions for items that come into contact with your little one.

  • Effortlessly wipe away milk stains with this simple foam spray.
  • Specially designed for baby bottles, nipples, breast pumps, pacifiers, and other baby accessories.
  • Formulated with plant-derived cleaning ingredients, ensuring a gentle yet effective clean.
  • Also recommended for cleaning nipples and breast pumps that are hard to clean with regular sponges.
  • Specializes in removing milk stains, making it ideal for baby bottles.
  • Free from additives like colorants, fragrances, and phosphorus.
  • Its balanced foam quickly dissipates, leaving no residue after rinsing.
  • A 2-way type with fine and wide bubbles for versatile cleaning needs.
  • Thin foam is perfect for intricate areas like nipples and straws, while wide foam is ideal for comprehensive cleaning of baby bottles and multi-part baby items.
  • Suitable for cleaning vegetables and fruits, ensuring hygiene during the weaning phase.

- Type: Synthetic detergent for kitchen use
- Liquidity: Neutral
- Ingredients: Surfactant (8.3% polyoxyethylene sorbitan fatty acid ester), stabilizer, sequestering agent