Ozze Creations

Ozze Creations - Erotixxx Adult Board Game

$33.12 $37.46

Hold out for as long as you can with the Ozze Creations Erotixxx Adult Board Game. Erotixxx is an adult game that will guide you through a wide-range series of erotic challenges. Sometimes blindfolded you won't always see what's doing on but you will definitely feel it. The tantalizing instructions in this game will have you begging to climax as the game progresses, but you'll want to stay in control and keep going for as long as possible in order to build up to the ultimate climax.. Bring it in the bedroom to explore new pleasures in a fun, low-stakes way.

Game includes: 1 game board, 1 blindfold, 3 deck of cards, 2 tokens, 1 die. From Ozze Creations.