Orgie - Time Lag Delay Spray 25ml

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If you want to stay hard all night or are planning for a bit of extended penetration play, don’t head to bed or your next orgy without Time Lag Delay Spray from Orgie. This moisturizing misting solution is an all-natural formula designed to decrease sensitivity in your most sensitive regions to allow for longer intercourse and minimize pain. Anti-bacterial Time Lag Delay Spray is free of lidocaine and benzocaine and other anesthetics. Simply spray on and wait about 5 minutes desensitization to begin.

• Spray jet in 45 degrees angle and 130mcl dosage per shot.
• Free of benzocaine, lidocaine, and another anesthetic
• With pantheon and aloe vera, anti-bacterial and moisturizer effects.
• Decreases the penis sensitivity providing longer intercourses.
• Apply 2 or 3 spray shots on the penis glans and wait approximately 5 minutes for the desensitizing effect.