Orgie - Sensfeel for Woman Pheromone Eau De Toilette Invoke Seduction 50ml


Orgie Sensfeel uses natural ingredients such as jasmine and locust bean to imitate the natural sexual pheromone that will attract a passionate partner. When gently applied to the skin, the fragrance in this aphrodisiac stimulates male testosterone and interest. The effect peaks approximately 30 minutes after being first applied and remains potent for a few hours. Reapply for continued attraction whenever you desire.

- Invoke Seduction
- Aphrodisiac fragrance
- Increases the production of testosterone in men, triggering man's attraction
- More self-confidence and self-steam
- Dares women to invoke the seduction they own
- White Jasmin (Jasminus officinalle) and Locust Bean (Ceratonia siliqua) that mimic the copuli

50 ml