Tease&Please - Open Hearted Sex Talk


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Have you ever thought or joked about having sex with your friends? Do you really want to share your thoughts or will you keep it as your fantasy? If you are looking for a chance to know what they have in mind or looking for an opportunity to share your fantasies, this is the game you need.
Open Hearted Sex Talk contains more than a 100 surprising questions and assignments that will seduce you and your playmates to be sincere about the sexiest topics. You get to take turns to pick a card with a question or assignment to complete.  
-Suggest an idea for a wonderful and erotic date with your lover.
-Have you ever said 'yes' on a date when you meant to say 'no'? Why did you do that?
-How long do you think you should know someone before having sex together?
Let them surprise you with their sexual fantasies and preferences. These questions and assignments will provide revealing answers, hilarious moments, serious thoughts and have lots of fun together.
Open Hearted Sex Talk is a great game for parties or ice breaking and can be played with anyone, anytime, anywhere.  
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