Okamoto - Sensation Condoms 3's


Become a Sensation between the sheets. Okamoto Sensation condoms are designed for ultimate pleasure and protection. Made from high quality Sheerlon latex, they're so thin you'll feel like you're wearing nothing while remaining strong enough to keep you protected no matter how down and dirty you get. One try and you'll see why these condoms are truly sensational.

Be it eating, karaoke or dancing para-para, the Japanese love doing things which embraces the lighter side of life. And with Okamoto Sensation, you’ll never be short of fun things you can do with your partner – especially in the bedroom.

Uniquely designed for comfort and sensitivity, no other condom allows you to abandon all inhibitions like Okamoto Sensation. It’s sheer pleasure all around.

Made to ISO 4074:2002 standards and tested with precise electrostatic technology.