Obsessive - Slevika Teddy Costume S/M (Black)


This sexy Slevika teddy costume is everything you want to pull your man into the bedroom all night long. With a lacey black design, the floral patterns exude your feminine spirit will teasing your man. Soft breast cups also help support you for a perfect and unforgettable look which will lead to a sexy night. The best part? An open crotch, so your man has all that he wants!

Really hoooot Slevika teddy details:
- lacy teddy in deep black colour
- floral motive – the quintessence of femininity
- soft cups adorned with ribbon emphasizes the bust
- regulated straps – perfect fit
- vertical stitches – waist slimming effect
- satiny lacing on the front tempts!
- delicate, lacy detail works – pure perfection
- open crotch
- elastic and soft fabric (82% polyamide, 18% elastane)