Obsessive - Gepardina 3 Pieces Costume S/M (Black)


Get in touch with your wild side with the Gepardina 3 Pieces Costume! This costume comes with ears, fur, and cute little teddy will direct your partner to all the spots that make you purr like a kitten. Cup your breasts gently in the well-fitted bra and get a little cheeky with the thong that comes with a detachable tail!

Start the game and... show your wild side! Shiny fur, sexy curves, naughty tail and cute ears? Aww, say "Hi" to your new, second face. Wearing this animal print teddy you change into a nasty Gepardina! So? Don't wait and show it!

Material: 94% polyamide, 6% elastane

Size: Bust: 16cm
Underbust: 34-38cm
Waist: 39-48cm (FRONT)
Bra Hook: 34-40cm
Length of Panty: 19cm (BACK)