Liberator - Esse Sex Furniture (Velvish Black)


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This elegant lounger blends seamlessly into your home's decor until the moment you need it. From there it becomes a fixture in your sex life, providing ergonomic support, access to sweet angles, and gentle support as you and your partner bring each other to a breathtaking climax. The Esse provides extra lift and slope for deep penetration, letting you fully enjoy your pleasure without fear of unwanted pain or aches afterwards. The included headrest works at either end of the Esse, and is useful for raising up knees or adding 5” of height for standing and bending-over positions. The included Mini-Scoop will eliminate the center dip, making the Esse more flat; plus, it works independently away from the Esse providing lift and motion to lovemaking on a bed.

Total Length: 162.56cm
Insertable Length: -
Width: 60.69cm
Material: Microvelvet; Cover: Machine-washable microsuede; Liner: Polyester; Foam: Fully supportive polyurethane
Waterproof: Yes
Color: Black
Battery: -
Max Charging Time: -
Max Usage Time: -
Vibration Modes: -