Liberator - Black Label Esse Sex Furniture (Microfiber Black)


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Submit to the Black Label Esse, a luxury chaise that will cradle your body and provide easy access to so many sweet possibilities. With twenty-four connector points, it can be adjusted to support endless positions and angle you for deep, delicious penetration within its ergonomic design. So let your lust lead the way and the Black Label Esse will provide the support wherever you should go. The included headrest works at either end of the Esse, useful for raising up knees or adding 5” of height for standing and bending-over positions. The included Mini-Scoop will eliminate the center dip, making the Esse more flat; plus, it works independently away from the Esse to give lift and motion to lovemaking on a bed. Try including the Liberator Flip Stageand experience great lift and access.

Total Length: 162.56cm
Insertable Length: -
Width: 60.96cm
Material: Micro-fiber
Waterproof: Yes
Color: Black
Battery: -
Max Charging Time: -
Max Usage Time: -
Vibration Modes: -