Liberator - Arche Wedge Sex Furniture (Velvish Espresso)


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Ever wonder what you'd need to capture the perfect sexual position? Look no further than the Liberator - Arche Wedge Sex Furniture. This ingenious piece of furniture allows you and your lover to hold those intricate positions for deeper penetration and pleasure. Do you need a little lift or an angled position to scratch that sexual itch, use the Liberator - Arche Wedge Sex Furniture to help you achieve these positions with the perfect amount of support? This sexy piece of furniture is designed for heightened pleasure. It relieves neck pressure as well as back and joint aches. G-spot stimulation is also a perk. This strategic tool boasts machine washable moisture-proof fabrics that are forgivable when sexy juices spill. You're sure to hit the right spot with this sexy piece of furniture.

Total Length: 60.96cm
Insertable Length: -
Width: 30.48cm
Material: Velvish
Waterproof: Yes
Color: Espresso
Battery: -
Max Charging Time: -
Max Usage Time: -
Vibration Modes: -