Koyo - Only One Care Boxer Type Pants Adult Diapers


Introducing Koyo - Only One Care Boxer Type Pants Adult Diapers, the ultimate solution for reliable and comfortable adult care. Designed for your convenience, these easy-to-wear pants offer the same comfort and absorbency whether worn from the front or back, eliminating worries about mistakes. Embrace worry-free days with the assurance of no side leakage, thanks to the strong and secure leg wraps and lifting gathers that keep the absorber close to your body.

The unisex boxer type pants feature a relaxed, soft material that feels silk-like, providing utmost comfort throughout the day. With a powerful absorber and 3D gathers, you can confidently prevent side leakage with quick absorbency. The double guard of deodorant processing back sheet and deodorant polymer keeps unwanted odors at bay.

Versatility is at its best, as these pants are suitable for both men and women. The surface material is crafted from polyolefin non-woven fabric, while the water-absorbing material consists of cotton pulp, water-absorbing paper, and polymer water-absorbing material. The waterproof material is made of polyolefin film, and the binding material includes styrene elastomer synthetic resin, ensuring durability and comfort.

For your convenience, we offer three sizes:

S (waist size: 50-70cm, 20 pieces),

M (waist size: 60-90cm, 18 pieces),

L-XL (waist size: 80-140cm, 16 pieces).

The absorption guideline is 4-5 times, based on 150mL of urine volume per time.

Koyo - Only One Care Boxer Type Pants Adult Diapers provide you with the confidence and convenience you need. Embrace comfort and peace of mind on your adult care journey.