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Kiss Me Love - Finger Skin DX G3 Finger Sleeves 6 Pieces (Clear)


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It's important to be clean and sanitary in all aspects of life; but especially in your sex life. The Finger Skin DX G3 Finger Sleeve by Kiss Me Love keeps unwanted bacteria away from your private parts and features a G-spot capture projection for loads of pleasure. This non-slip finger sleeve can be cleaned and reused multiple times, so you can be ready whenever the time comes.

★ Hygienic one-by-one packaging type that opens only as much as you use
★ Complete sterilization specifications that you can rest assured that it is clean ★
0.06 mm thin that does not make you feel uncomfortable
★ Slip does not fall off, perfect adhesion design
★ Does not hurt your skin With a gentle jelly
★ 6 pieces
that can be used plenty ★ Can be used not only on fingers but also on rotors etc.