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Kiss Me Love - Finger Skin DX G1 Finger Sleeves 6 Pieces (Clear)


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Masturbating can be a pleasurable and stressful event for some. The Kiss Me Love - Finger Skin DX G1Finger Sleeves 6 Pieces (Clear) helps you make sure your hands are clean and also gives an added aspect of pleasure and fun. These finger sleeves are made of high grade silicone and are easily cleaned so that you can keep them bacteria free for years of fun and play.

★ Hygienic one-by-one packaging type that opens only as much as you use

★ Complete sterilization specifications that you can rest assured that it is clean

★ 0.06 mm thin that does not make you feel uncomfortable

★ Slip does not fall off, perfect adhesion design

★ Does not hurt your skin With a gentle jelly

★ 6 pieces

★ Can be used not only on fingers but also on rotors etc.