ZUSH - Kids Safety Table Corner Protectant, Angle Cover, Anti-Collision Table Corner Protector With Double-side Tape For Household (4 Pieces)


Keep Curious Crawlers Cozy and Safe with ZUSH's Kid-Proof Table Corner Protectors!

Turn your home into a worry-free wonderland for little explorers with ZUSH's innovative Kids Safety Table Corner Protectors! These adorable and effective safeguards transform sharp table corners into soft, cushioned havens, preventing those heart-stopping bumps and bruises that come with curious exploration.

  • Peace of Mind in Every Bump: Crafted from high-quality, thick, and shock-absorbing silicone, these protectors act as gentle buffers, cushioning impacts and guarding against cuts and scrapes. Let your little adventurers play with confidence, knowing you've got their precious heads and bodies covered.
  • Universal Appeal, Seamless Blend: Available in a variety of charming colors and animal designs, ZUSH protectors add a touch of whimsical flair to any furniture while seamlessly blending into your home decor. No more bulky, unsightly contraptions cluttering your space!
  • Double-Duty Defense: Each protector comes equipped with strong, double-sided adhesive tape, ensuring a secure and long-lasting grip on furniture surfaces. No more tedious reapplications or worry about protectors popping off at the slightest nudge.
  • Easy Breezy Cleaning: Spills and messes are inevitable with little ones around. But fear not! ZUSH protectors are waterproof and wipeable, making cleaning a breeze. Simply grab a damp cloth and watch the messes disappear!
  • Versatility Reigns Supreme: These corner guards aren't just for tables! They're adaptable to any sharp corner, be it on coffee tables, shelves, cabinets, or even walls. Create a haven for your child in every room of the house.

With ZUSH Kids Safety Table Corner Protectors, you can embrace the joy of exploration without the constant worry. Give your child the freedom to learn and discover, safe in the knowledge that their bumps will be met with nothing but gentle cushions and happy smiles.