Kheper Games

Kheper Games - We've Never But We Will Board Game (Pink)

$14.49 $16.30

Try this game that promises a lot of fun now and even more fun later! Partners read from sexual position cards with categories like Location, Location or Fantasy and Role-Play and toast each adventure already taken. If they find a thrill they have not yet tried, they can either "win" the game or save this treat for later. Can be played as a drinking game with favorite beverages on a night in or as a game of future anticipation.

Includes: 40 Location, Location cards; 40 Fun and Games, and Toys, Toys, Toys! Cards; 40 Erotic Edibles and Other Indulgences cards; 40 Fantasy and Role-Play cards; 2 ...but we will! envelopes; 1 spinner and game rules.