Kheper Games

Kheper Games - Mind, Body and Soul Couple Game


Get to know your partner on a deeper, more intimate level with Kheper Games Mind, Body and Soul Couple Game. With questions designed to open your chakras, you and your partner make your way around the game board as you find healing and enlightenment together. The first partner to align all seven chakras wins, but you both receive the intimate rewards provided at the end.

There are 20 questions per card and two sets of cards per the seven chakras to total 240 chakra healing questions. You win by aligning all 7 of your chakras and your partner provides an intimate reward to align your sacral and heart chakras. Includes: A game board, 14 chakra cards, 14 chakra coins, 2 game markers, a die, and game rules. Questions are gender neutral, so this game works for ANY couple.