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Joy Division - Soft Tampons Mini Pack of 50


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Don't let Aunt Flow stop your sexy vibe. Even when it's that time of the month, Soft Tampons allow you to get your groove on. They won't hinder your lovemaking as neither of you are likely to even feel them. They are characterised by their soft and supple material and their light Weight of only 2 grams per tampon. Just slip one in with a single finger before you and your partner get intimate. Then enjoy safe, hygienic and sexy fun, no matter how heavy your flow.

The many advantages of Soft-Tampons:

• ideal for use with spermicides
• adapts perfectly to the female anatomy
• comfortable and pleasant to wear
• suitable for use in saunas and when swimming
• hygienic and Skin-friendly material
• dermatologically and clinically tested
• very simple to use
• Oeko-Tex proved
• Made in Germany
• cannot be felt by the partner during lovemaking almost
• environmentally friendly and free from chemical substances
• each box includes a single-use pack of AQUAglide and a menstrual cycle calendar