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Joy Division - Aquaglide Medical Lubricant 1000ml (Clear)


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The Joy Division - Aquaglide Medical Lubricant 100ml (Clear) is perfect for those romantic and sensual nights. With a myriad of lubricant flavors, the clear gel is a great solution if you are lacking natural lubrication. Designed with true sensitivity in mind, the Aqua Glide helps enhance lovemaking and ensures true pleasure and passion with every use. See the photos below and order today for your ultimate passport to desire and delights

The many advantages of AQUAglide:
- approved as a medical-grade product
- water-soluble and fat-free
- subject to constant quality control
- also suitable for oral intercourse
- features long-lasting lubricating properties
- pH-optimised
- highly effective, with a little going a long way
- made in Germany
- subject to regular medical and dermatological testing