Eye of Love

Eye of Love - Pheromone Parfum Perfume Set Travel Size For Her 3x10ml

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Eye of Love Pheromones is the perfect way to increase your chances of success in all of your encounters. With powerful pheromones and captivating fragrances, Eye of Love provides you with a unique edge to enhance your encounters. Whether you're looking for a boost in the workplace, reconnecting with your partner, or just want to make a great first impression, Eye of Love has the perfect scent for you! Enjoy the power of pheromones and the alluring fragrances all day long to give you the confidence you need to make the most of every encounter. Get ready to experience an unprecedented level of attraction with Eye of Love Pheromones!

What is the difference between Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum? Good question! The difference lies in the volume of perfume oil in a formula. Eau de Toilette contains between 5-9%, while Eau de Parfum contains more, usually about 8-14%. Eau de Parfums, therefore, last longer and have a more intense smell.

Eye of Love - Pheromone Parfum Perfume Set 3x10ml is designed to give you an added advantage from morning to night.

- ONE LOVE (Sweet citrusy rose, feminine lily, and sensual jasmine with sultry vanilla for a refined, decadent warmth, that will make you fall in love again and again)
- AFTER DARK (A sultry blend of warm jasmine, lily, and creamy sweet white chocolate, Undertones of fresh grapefruit and vanilla drive him crazy with desire deep into the night.)
- MORNING GLOW (A fresh bouquet of ylang-yang, sensual jasmine, citrusy apple blossoms, freesia, and deep purple violets. Undertones of soft white musk will keep him mesmerized from morning to night)

Directions: Use daily for maximum effect.
Spray 1-2 sprays below the neckline where your sweat glands are