Eye of Love

Eye of Love - Matchmaker Red Diamond LGBTQ Pheromone Parfum Spray Deluxe 30ml

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Introducing Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger's new sensual scent - Matchmaker Red Diamond LGBTQ Pheromone Parfum Deluxe - Attract Her, a perfect combination of femininity and sophistication. This scent is a captivating blend of jasmine, grapefruit, and amber with a hint of citrus to create a fragrance that is as charming and unique as the person wearing it. The bottle is a striking, beautiful glass diamond with an irresistibly sexy design. Perfect for date nights, special occasions, or a boost of confidence at any time, this fragrance will have you feeling sexy, confident, and ready to find your perfect match, regardless of gender. With its alluring, seductive scent, this fragrance will make you the center of attention, turning heads and inspiring passion. Shop now to find your perfect match!

TOP NOTES: Citrus - Grapefruit
MIDDLE NOTES: Jasmine - Black currant - Lily
BASE NOTES: Vanilla - Amber - Musk