Eye of Love

Eye of Love - Confidence Pheromone Cologne Spray For Him 50ml

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Put your best self forward and let your pheromones do the rest with the new Confidence Pheromone Cologne from Eye of Love. This cologne is specially formulated for the modern man, giving him the confidence he needs to attract the woman of his dreams. With its combination of musky scents, jasmine, and honey, Confidence will give you the edge you need to make a lasting impression. Its pheromones will draw women to you and make them feel your magnetic presence. Whether you’re looking for love, trying to forge genuine connections, or hoping to give your significant other something new to find attractive about you, Confidence is perfect for the job. Don’t wait any longer and make Confidence your go-to cologne. Show the world your bold, sexy, and adventurous side, and watch the women flock to you.

TOP NOTES: Strawberry - Citrus
MIDDLE NOTES: Jasmine - Coriander seed - Honey
BASE NOTES: Vanilla - Amber - Musk