Eye of Love

Eye of Love - After Dark Pheromone Perfume Spray For Her Travel Size 10ml

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Add a bit of mystery and allure to your evening with After Dark, the seductive fragrance for women. Our blend of lily, grapefruit, and galbanum oils creates a powerful scent that will draw attention and captivate your partner. Enhance your night with tantalizing notes of white chocolate, jasmine, costus root, vanilla, and ambergris. All of this is coupled with a special blend of pheromones to create a captivating aura of sensuality and sexuality. The luminous gold-tone bottle will look stunning in your hand as you spritz the fragrance on your neck and wrists, and the scent will linger with you until the morning. With After Dark, you can feel confident that you will be the object of desire and leave a lasting impression. Bring the passion back and let this gorgeous scent ignite your sexy evening.