Extase Sensuel - Feromon Hot Oil Pheromones (Lollipop)


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Extase Sensuel is a form of intimate hot oil with pheromones for more seduction. These delicious smelling oil heats up during physical contact will help you to seduce your partner during physical moments.  
The musk is a powerful aphrodisiac.
Since the night of the times, man has sought and used the powerful aphrodisiac effect of this active not only in perfumes, including in oils and even also in erotic tantric practices.
Extase Sensuel adds a new family of powerful Hot Oils with Pheromone Effect through its composition.
Great attraction for couples!
As a natural aphrodisiac, contributes to a more suitable environment for the love affair, raising even more sensuality and mutual physical attraction!
Especially stimulating minds and physical bodies, enhancing the effects of magnetic attraction and love.
30 ml