Energizer - Recharge Power Plus NH12U Pack of 2 AAA (700 mAh)


Bring your spent Energizer batteries back to life with the Energizer - Recharge Mini Charger. This mini charger comes with two rechargeable AA batteries that can be charged up to 100 times. Simply place your spent batteries in the mini-charger and let it do the rest. Successfully charge both AA and AAA batteries conveniently. The auto-shutoff function and LED battery level indicator display your battery charge level and shut off once batteries are fully charged. There's also reverse polarity protection. You can also store your batteries for later use in this mini charger.

- For AA or AAA rechargeable batteries
- Auto switch-off
- Reverse polarity protection
- LED battery level indicator
- Can be charged 100 of times
- Timer based auto shut off mechanism
- Carry store batteries in the charger to save space
- Perfect for traveling or if only two rechargeable batteries can be charged at the same time

Brand: Energizer
Suitable for battery size : AA Format, AAA Format
Charging current (AAA) : 100 mA
Charging current (AA) : 200 mA
Operating voltage : 230 V / AC
capacity: 700mAh