Energizer - Recharge Pro Charger CHPRO with NH15P+ 4 AA Batteries (2000 mAh)


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The Recharge Pro Charger restores the energy in your batteries for extended pleasure and performance. This handy recharger allows you to reinvigorate your batteries while resting or away from home so they will be ready for your use a few hours later. This item includes LED and audio charging status indicators, automatic switch-off when batteries are charged, and also detects bad batteries.

- Audio and LED charging status indicators
- Bad battery detection
- Automatic Switch off with timer control
- Charges 2-4 AA or AAA NiMH batteries at a time
- Universal voltage 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz

Approx Charging times
- AA ( 1300-2000 mAh ) 3 to 4 hours
- AA ( 2000-2400 mAh ) 4 to 5 hours
- AAA ( 500-800 mAh ) 3 to 4 hours