Energizer - Recharge Power Plus NH15RP4 Pack of 4 AA Batteries (2000mAh)


The world's first AA rechargeable battery made with 4% recycled batteries is here to stay. This battery boasts 1000 cycles of life and can last up to a year when stored. With a five-year battery life, this multipurpose battery can power everything from toys to flashlights and more, anything that requires an AA battery. You're doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint on earth when you choose Energizer - Recharge Power Plus AA Batteries (2000mAh). Plus, all batteries come pre-charged. You can't beat that.

- Recycled battery innovation comes to Energizer Recharge batteries.
- Can be charged up to 1000 cycles.
- Charge lasts up to 12 months in storage.
- Energizer innovation makes this the world's #1 recharge brand, according to market survey data.
- Up to 5-year battery life of total usable life under typical usage patterns.
- Batteries come pre-charged.