Day Dream

Day Dream - Sexy Arabian 5 piece set with Sheer Drop Costume (Blue)


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Want to look like an Arabian princess? Look no further than this sexy costume.

This set includes a jeweled bra, Arabian pants, a face veil, a headband and an armband to complete the look. With the transparent pants, it's your choice if you want to wear them with panties... or not. Plus, the beautiful coins on the bra and face veil shake every time you move, giving you a unique, mysterious look and feel. What are you waiting for? Slide on this Arabian princess costume and watch your partner drool!

Size: The neck and back of the bra are tied with a rubber ribbon and the size is adjustable. Pants length 95 cm Arm band length 27 cm Velcro specifications. The face veil is tied with a rubber ribbon and the size is adjusted.
Set contents: Bra, Arabian pants, face veil, headband, armband
Color: Light blue
Material: Polyester, etc.