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Bye Bra - Lift and Shape Gala Bra Cup C (Nude)


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Bye Bra Lift and Shape Gala Bra Cups are designed to make your bust looks as good from the side as it does from the front. The underwired cups are ideally shaped to redistribute the weight of your breasts to achieve the perfect shape while the push-up pads augment their size to suggest at least a cup size bigger. Reusable up to 25 times with proper laundering and care, the Lift and Shape Gala Bra Cup is the perfect partner for all your backless and strapless dresses.

Measurement: Available in cup size A, B, C
Material: 82% Fabric,18% polyamide, Elastane; Adhesive: Polyolefin gel
- Hand wash and reusable

- Clean your skin of any oils or creams.
- Remove the protective film of the Gala Bra.
- Gently place both cups of the Gala Bra to your breasts and secure the push-up adhesive pads in the right place.
- Carefully and evenly apply the adhesive wings to both sides of your torso.
- Gently press the cups and the wings onto the skin to smooth the adhesive and ensure optimal support.

Do not use the product on sensitive skin, or on scars, or if you are pregnant.